Our Programs

Boxing out Obesity

Weems World Health Initiative mission is to provide services that are considered community benefits and programs or activities that provide treatment and/or promote health and healing as a response to community needs.  Our goal is to help our community understand the importance of daily physical activity by providing them with a variety of exercise options, ideas and resources in our community.

Weems Readers

A week-long series in which we create a greater awareness around the importance of reading. The week will consist of opportunities for students K-8 to interact with local authors from various genres to help students identify a genre that best sparks their interest to develop a lifelong passion for reading.

Financial Kickstart

A week-long series in which awareness is raised around the importance of money management. The week provides an opportunity for kids in grades 3-6 to engage with their teachers, peers, and parents about saving money, comparison shopping, and managing their allowance.

Community Service

Throughout the calendar year, Weems World will be responsible for hosting and partnering with the community and local agencies to complete community engagement activities. These activities will include assisting in local school district events, community clean ups, fundraisers, and a host of drives for books, toys, food, clothing and more.

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